To eat together conjures up images of people gathered happily for a hearty meal. But sharing food is more than just that. A couple having lunch over a video conference call, residents dining at their neighbourhood kopitiam, and consumers across the globe eating and drinking from the same source countries are just some examples of how the world eats together today. These gatherings of people across differences—be it geographical, cultural, personal, among others—do not occur naturally, but are facilitated by design. Consisting of objects, systems, and spaces, design surrounds our food, meditating the relationships between people and their meals.

Eating Together examines these often overlooked designs to reflect upon what it means to share food as consumers, with family and friends, in the public, and even alone in this increasingly connected world. Through objects, speculative designs and installations, we invite you to look at eating beyond a mere delivery of food into our mouths, but as a consumption of values and cultures involving all our senses. Far from a state of bliss, eating together serves up issues that takes time to digest.


Held from 11-22 May 2016
Lower Gallery, Objectifs – Centre for Photography and Film
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A publication of our research and a pack of six postcards were produced in conjunction with the exhibition. For bulk orders, please write to

Eating Together Exhibition Catalogue

A survey of 16 designs that facilitate the sharing of food as consumers, in the public, with family and friends, as well as all alone in our connected world. It includes pictures of the exhibits and from our ethnographic research. Also included are two essays on the language of eating and the state of eating together in Singapore.

60 pp
215 x 155 mm
ISBN: 978-981-09-9512-6
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“The Transparency of Taste” Postcards

Six different generic takeaway packaging used by popular hawkers in Singapore are featured in this postcard set that comes packed in one such plastic bag.

A set of 6
100 x 150 mm
300 gsm
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In Plain Words


Photography and infographic
Caleb Ming (SURROUND) — Exhibit Images
John Nursalim (VISUALMIND) — The Transparency of Taste and Looks Good… Only in Your Eyes
Zeng Liwei and Samuel He (WEAVE) — Feeding the City’s Mobility
Clarence Aw — Exhibition Images
Yin Shanyang (SWARM) and Sher Chew — We are the Colours We Eat

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